How do you bridge the gap between global aspirations and local realities? One step at a time, with our trusted partners.
The idea of building a global business is exciting, but setting up
in a new place is incredibly difficult. We know, because we’ve
done it ourselves… over and over again.
The most important lesson? You can't do it alone. We maintain a robust, always growing, open and global network of local partners who help bring big ideas to fruition. Our boots on the ground ensure that our portfolio’s innovative solutions adapt to successfully serve regional needs.

What makes for a successful partnership?

Trust → built through aligned missions,
shared values, clear communication, and
relentless curiosity.


Runway provides workspace, corporate innovation services and events to a global community of startups and enterprises so they can fuel their growth and achieve long-term success..

Rival Schools

Rival Schools Japan uses Localization UX to help companies by managing the key language challenges of their business – from the key branding messages to the products and services they launch into the sophisticated Japanese market.


Anchorstar will provide you with a clear vantage point into the Japanese market through our membership services and lounge. Membership grants you access to our lounge where you can work, collaborate, network and get access to our in-house specialists for guidance on the Japanese market.

Talent Distillery

We’re raising the bar on people strategy across the global ecosystem. By embracing the tough conversations and holding leaders to their own highest standards, we are building the prototype for the future of work.

Laudato Si Challenge

The Laudato Si’ Startup Challenge, inspired by Pope Francis is a global initiative, an urgent call-to-action, that encourages early to mid-stage startups to grow their breakthrough solutions to the world’s boldest challenges.

eZest hackathon

e-Zest is a global IT services company specialized in digital transformation for enterprises and product development for ISVs. It has deep expertise and profound experience in the modern technologies such as cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data and enterprise collaboration.


FTA is a leading architecture design firm with offices in Shanghai and Berlin. Its mission is to "create innovative working experience". It has over 15 years operation experience in China with 21,000,000 sqm and 500+ industrial parks design experience.

Garage Society

Garage Society is a contemporary co-work operator in Asia. Home to leading international startups, freelancers, and creatives, we regularly host events to facilitate collaboration within our community and throughout Asia.